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We offer the possibility of both cold snacks and warm meals with service in the form of catering.

Cold dishes are served buffet style, plates and cutlery are made from recyclable single-use sugar cane.

COLD snacks

  • A bowl of 1000 cocktail mini cutlets with pastries ... CZK 950

  • Cheese bowl 1000 g with pastries ... CZK 900

  • Salami bowl 1000 g with pastry ... CZK 950

  • Combination of salami and cheese 1000 g with pastry ... CZK 1000

  • A bowl of fried cauliflower or mushrooms with pastry and tartar sauce... CZK 900

WARM meals

We serve hot catering only with service. For us, it is usually arranged by the El Arriero restaurant, whose specialties of Latin American cuisine we recommend.

The charge is CZK 550/person plus service CZK 1,200/2 hours.

menu 1

  • Empanadas-Turnovers (corn pockets filled with ground pork or chicken)

  • Burrito or Quesadilla (Chicken, Pork, Veggie)

  • Mango pancake with caramel topping

menu 2

  • Arepa (stuffed corn patties grilled in butter with cheese, chicken or pork, chorizo)

  • Argentinian beef steak, roasted potato

  • Latino salad with beans (200 g)

  • Chia pudding with mango


  • Patacones (fried green bananas with sautéed vegetables)

  • Veggie Burrito or Quesadilla (Rice, Beans, Grilled Veggies, Cheese)

  • Strong chocolate cream