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"The ship Regent is the largest traveler in Czech waters."

The ship with the current name Regent was named by ship researchers Mr. Fiala and Mr. Gejdoš as the largest traveler in Czech waters.

She was launched for the first time in Bad Schandau, Germany, built in a shipyard in the local district of Postewitz in 1931. After that, she sailed in Germany and was used as a harbor barkassa, i.e. cargo ship service in Hamburg.

It replaced the names M 02, MO II up to B IV, under which name it arrived in Děčín, where it was still used similarly in the years 1952–1958.

In the second photo, the Regent is under the name M V, when the V meant 5 in Latin, but according to hearsay, she was nicknamed "Little Vein" after the war in Prague because of that V.

It only became a passenger ship in 1959, when it was transported to the Slapy dam, under the name Nežárka, where it sailed for a season and returned to Prague. In 1961, she sailed on the newly created Orlík dam. In the years 1962–63, the line sailed from the Kamýk dam to Solenice. After 1966, she was transported to the Svět pond in Třeboně, where she served until 1988. She was transferred to Svazarm and transported to Prague, where she received a superstructure in 1990 and has been sailing in Prague and its surroundings as a cruise ship ever since. 

The Regent boat on Svět pond in the 1950s.

During its operation, Regent changed its color appearance several times.

At first the ship was all white, later the cabin and hull were painted white, the wheelhouse and roof blue, and finally the cabin was also blue.

Open superstructure and blue-white color combination.

White with red elements and fixed superstructure with parasol, the beginning of Regent's activity in Prague.

The Regent sailed in white for several years.

The Regent remained in the colors of its then colleague, the steamer Tyrš, until the end of 2023.

The current color scheme of the ship Regent.


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